Monday, 14 October 2013

1. Fringe:

Fringes are known to be the best for women with broad foreheads, and in case of the Africans it works in their favor and highlights their radiant dark skin. Our dark beauties have natural curls which give their face a broader look and hence a fringe makes them appear more neat and chic when presented.

2. Bob Bushy Curls:

Curly hair and a short bob cut can be quite a task to handle together. The non-manageable natural curls have always been a major concern; hence cutting them in the U cut and arranging with a side parting, helps attain the bushy bob look.

3. Side Shave Curls:

Though the side shaves have been a sport among men, they have now become very androgynous in conduct. Post Rihanna who was spotted in the side shave look, an inspiration was received by many women to opt for the trending haircut. Side shaves can destroy or make you look gorgeous but one must know that styling them well is the key to look your best. The style could be done just like Rihanna who gave her side shaves a company with upside curls which made her looks elegant and dapper.

4. Braided Bouffant:

The braided bouffant style hails from the tribal areas of the Congo. It has been a classic piece of art for photographers to click on. The women from these areas pull up their hair in multiple braids, making a bouffant and tie it up without the use of clips or pins.

5. Fully Braided Bun:

Braids are their forte and the best styles in braids and plats have highlighted the innovative side of African women. The fully braided style will take up to 5 to 6 hours to get done as it requires one to make more than 21 braids on the head. Once these braids are neatly made, one can pull them up to form a neat and clean bun without leaving any loose tresses.

6. Bee Hive:

Inspired by the actual bee hive, this hairstyle serves women with frizzy and rough hair the best. All you need is an attractive piece of clip to ornate the hold of the hair behind. It’s simple but needs patience as you can roll up all your tresses and pull over, attaching a clip which holds the hair from the roots.

7. High Braided Pony:

The high raise pony got tweaked with the interference of the braids to give birth to the high braided pony. Styled with four side braids on each side, naturally curled hair can be pulled up to get tied into a high raise pony. This leaves the wavy curls to sway as you walk and avoids the side lock tresses from interfering during a heavy breeze.

8. Dreadlocks:

Dreadlocks are also called the coiled matt finish style of hairdo, which hails from the uptown African region. They are a matter of patience and provide a grungy and high maintenance look. While getting dreadlocks, one must check that the tips are not left undone as that may increase the chances of having unwanted openings while travelling.

9. Coils:

Coils are the best for those with a short boy cut hairstyle and who wish to go beyond changing the parting or coloring. Forming mini half braids and curling them up in small buns or rather just curling up the loose strands can work out to get you this look.

10. Mohawk:

The Mohawk may be a predominantly male hairstyle but popular among women who have short or cropped hair, and love to style it up in this manner. It only lessens their troubles, avoids heat and shows their trendier side.

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