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The last person he thought he could score a beauty tip was a man, right? Wrong! It turns out that men have a beauty regime too and believe it or not, you might even have some good grooming tips and tricks for healthy skin Gals we could learn. We chatted with everyone from regular types of industry experts to get the scoop on the best beauty tips for women toilet-read on to know the secrets of best skin, Makeup hair care musts and much more.

Makeup :

  • Switch to a pure base . As we age , our pores become larger and the foundation will settle on them making them look even bigger. Use a light moisturizing formula applying a thin layer.
  • Change the color of your foundation. As we age , the skin loses its pigmentation and brightness. So change to a foundation with warm or add a drop of liquid bronzer to your favorite foundation . Bronzing powder should be part of your daily regimen . It makes you look younger when used in moderation.
  • In trying to cover blemishes , use a pencil to hide without oil. If you use the under-eye concealer to hide a pimple, it will be too wet and slide right off .
  • You can create an illusion of elevation using a bright cream or dust on your upper cheekbone , the center of his forehead and just below his lower lip. This makes the top of the face look lifted and removes any sagging chin.
  • Always wear eyeliner and waterproof mascara so it will stay put when our body temperature rises.
  • Use blush shade of pink on the cheeks to brighten the skin that is losing brightness. Use a color that complements your dress.
  • Shaping your eyebrows can take five years off your face . Do not start too out because as you get older , hair grows scarce and you can leave gaps. You will then need to draw the whole thing. It's not pretty .
  • To stop bleeding eyeliner , use a cotton swab to smudge the line at the outer corners , and direct it upward. If you miss this , eyeliner settle into your fine lines and make you look tired.
  • Having a beautiful face, but ugly nails will show off their age. Keep your toes polished or shiny . Use accentuate pale yellow too , so stay with roses .


  • Just because you 're older , you do not have to give up your long hair. Men always like long hair and there are many more things you can do with it. Just be careful not to cut too hairy , especially if you are graying . Gray hair is more stubborn and rebellious.
  • Instead of using Botox , use the hair to cover the front lines . Brow - fringed bangs foam and keeping her young .
  • Stay away from a style that reach right to the jaw. This highlights sinking . You must be at least one or two inches longer than the jaw.
  • Hair Mousse fills reformulated without being rigid .
  • A boar bristle brush is suggested , because it grabs and holds your hair during blow drying .
  • Do not wash your hair every day. You can dry the hair and fade colors . As you age , your scalp produces less oil . If you need to update your bangs , just wash day.
  • Add some colored highlights near the face . It will brighten up your skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines.
  • You can color your hair "down there" if you use a hair color without ammonia. Not always have to shave or wax - you can have up to 10 different colors of pubic hair living things.

Skin :

  • The best dermatologists recommend peptides. Look for products containing peptides, as it works on all skin types . Peptides plump and firm.
  • Retinol smoothes and evens skin tone. Various products containing retinol.
  • Salicylic acid will be kept free from stains. For younger people with acne , benzoyl peroxide should be used , but older skin dry. If you break out near your period , exfoliate with a scrub or peel twice a month to keep the pores clean and peel away dead skin.
  • A skin secret ingredient is grape seed oil . Before stepping into the shower , massage a drop on the skin around the eyes for ten minutes. Furthermore, improve skin texture . Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause wrinkles .
  • Sleeping with two pillows to keep your head elevated . This prevents fluid buildup around the eyes at night , which causes swelling in the morning.
  • Keep your eye cream in the fridge keeping it cold . The cold constricts blood vessels and helps reduce bags under the eyes .
  • Use a moisturizing mask for ten minutes to fill in your skin . After using the usual face lotion , follow with facial oil . You can hydrate layers.
  • Always take good care of your neck and chest. Skin is not as thin and age faster than your face . Use sunscreen and moisturizer containing peptides and retinoids.
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