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Having bath is one of the important parts of our beauty. In ancient times women are very aware of bathing beauty and make special arrangements for your healthy beauty bath and body massage. Massage in the ears , legs and waist is the main pillar of our beautiful body. Adequate bathroom makes the face and body skin clean and tidy, but also helps our breathing pores . If we take a proper bath can be the cause of the blockage of the pores. What can lead to skin problems for us. Having a little massage before taking bath is very beneficial to your beauty.

The Best natural beauty tips and advice bath at home

  1. Rather you are young or old try to take daily bath . To cure the skin all the germs just add a small amount of Neem leave boiled water into the bathtub.
  2. Massage with chickpea flour paste ½ hour before taking a bath removes all the dirt and germs from the skin.
  3. Try taking a cool bath . It will strengthen your body and your brain muscles . If you are suffering from a disease that can have a hot bath to consult your doctor.
  4. Add salt and milk in the tub and sit in it for 10-15 minutes improves your face and entire body composition .
  5. To tighten the skin and reduce the opacity of your face and body skin . Try to have 2 times the bathroom during the day. It will improve your skin texture and better advice to look younger.
  6. Avoid taking a long bath skin is sensitive . Take 10-15 minutes bathroom is enough to a normal bath and effective .
  7. After his daily bath body skin rub with the towel for 2-3 minutes improves the blood circulation to the skin and remove the dirt from the pores.
  8. Avoid having your bathroom after taking your food because your stomach is full after eating food and heat . If you take a bath after eating foods that can affect your digestive system and its possible unconscious. So take your bath before having your meal or take bath at least an hour.
  9. Grind Almondette ( chironji ) in raw milk and rub your body and face with it. Take your normal bath after 10-15 minutes. One of the best and most effective beauty tip for bridal bath .
  10. Mix 10 grams of lemon juice, 20 grams of olive oil and 10 g of almond oil. Massage with him two hours before having your bath or a massage with her before going to bed and take the next morning bath is one of the best advice to make your skin face and gorgeous body .
  11.  11. Make a paste with dried orange peel out , whole grains, beans, chicken, sandalwood and fresh cream . Massage this paste on the face and body before 2 hours before taking your regular bath . The best advice to have bathing beauty since ancient times.
  12. 12. Mix almond oil with rose water and massage with 1 hour before taking bath . The best advice to heal your body and face beauty.
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