Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Makeup can do wonders to your face. No doubt, makeup enhances your beauty and can make people around go ‘wow’ in just one glimpse. But, this works only when it is applied correctly. Makeup should be done according to your face cut so that it can highlight your best features. Here is how you should apply makeup according to your face shape.

1. Oval Face

Oval faces are perfectly proportioned. If you have high cheekbones and narrow chin then you have an ideal face shape to try almost every type of makeup. However, it is best to draw emphasis either on your lips or eyes, but never on both.

2. Round Face

Feminine, naturally soft, full cheeks and round chin is what round face is all about. Although, this face shape is considered to be very lovely, but one has to give angles to make every facial feature stand out. You can play with softer tones to enhance the features.

3. Heart-shaped Face

If your face is broad at the forehead and cheeks, and if you have a pointed, smaller chin then you have a heart-shaped face. The makeup has to be applied in such a way that it balances the forehead and the chin.

4. Square Face

Those with square face have a sharp jawline. Their face has an equal width from sides of the forehead and cheeks to their jaw.
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Written by Lovely

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